If You Are in Need of a Knee Surgeon Melbourne


He practices privately at Epworth Hospital in Richmond and Warringal Hospital in Heidelberg, offering world-class knee care for all types of problems related to the knee. His experience in treating a range of common conditions includes arthritis, ligament injuries, sports-related injuries, and general wear and tear. His focus on superior medical management of the tendon and muscle in the knee will help him provide the best treatment and support for patients.

He has a special interest in bikini incision total hip replacement and is an adjunct lecturer at Monash University. He is a primary hip replacement surgeon and has performed more of these procedures than any other orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne. His experience and training have led him to be named a leading reference centre for this method in Australia.

Orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne with extensive expertise in knee, shoulder and arthroplasty surgery. He graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2003 and started his advanced orthopaedic training in 2007. He was a fully qualified consultant orthopaedic surgeon in 2011, and has also worked as a sports physician with elite athletes. He is equally at home helping arthritic knee patients as well as recreational patients.

Internationally recognised orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne. His expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of knee conditions, including anterior cruciate ligament injuries, patellar instability, osteotomies and joint replacement. He has treated elite athletes and is equally comfortable caring for arthritic and recreational patients. This means that he will be able to treat your problem with the least amount of invasive surgery possible.

His practice includes shoulder and knee surgery. He is a specialist in trauma and shoulder surgery. He also performs hip and knee replacements. He is also a highly skilled arthritic surgeon. He has extensive experience treating the whole range of knee conditions, and is an expert in the field of hip and leg reconstruction. A good orthopedic surgeon can make you feel more comfortable and help you regain mobility after a painful operation.

An orthopaedic surgeon specializes in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, including knees. Typically, a knee surgeon’s expertise in these areas can range from knee joint pain to a wide range of injuries. A doctor who has extensive experience in treating a variety of conditions can give you the right treatment for your specific needs. If you are in need of a Knee Surgeon Melbourne, a specialist in the field of hip and ankle surgery can help you live a fuller and more active life.

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