Five Things Knee Specialists Can Do For You


Knee Specialist in Melbourne specializes in the treatment of disorders of the knee and its surrounding structures. They have an array of treatment options available and treat patients with various modalities. Some of their most popular services include arthroscopic knee surgery, joint replacement and patellar tendonitis. There are several good Australian Orthopaedic centers across the country that focus on knee problems. Here is a brief summary of their services.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery The term Arthroscopic refers to a process which involves “cutting the bone” in a specific region of the knee joint. It may involve surgical expansion of the ligaments and cartilage or it may just involve a cleaning of the affected area. A good arthroscopic knee specialist in Australia will first diagnose the problem and then carry out the appropriate treatment procedure. If the first test of diagnosis goes well, then the orthopedic surgeon will recommend a minimum period of first aid, followed by the treatment procedure. At times, when the first test of diagnosis does not go well, a second test of diagnosis may be necessary, though it should be a cursory one.

Joint Replacement When knee pain becomes chronic, the bones and cartilage get worn out and replaced with prosthetic materials. This can take place at any stage of life and in all cases, it is a necessity for the patient to move on to a better option when the first attempts to resolve the problem do not prove fruitful. This is why a good knee specialist in Australia will always advise a patient to go ahead with a replacement. Knee Replacement entails removal of diseased or damaged cartilage, replacement of bones and ligaments, etc. As the term suggests, replacement takes place outside the body. So, if there is a problem with the knee in Melbourne, the best place to have the replacement done is at the Knee Specialist in Melbourne.

Patella Splinting This is an operation that is undertaken for improving the condition of the kneecap. The process does not require the presence of an anesthetist or surgeon because the surgeon administers the anaesthetic by means of an injection. The procedure can be conducted as a one-time procedure where the splints are replaced after a certain number of days or can be a continuous process where the splints are replaced after every sporting activity. There are different types of knee splints such as the cortisone induced splint and the Castor or vericose vein splint. With the assistance of a qualified orthopaedic surgeon at the Knee Specialist in Melbourne, first tests of the knee can be conducted and a diagnosis made before a surgery takes place.

Physiotherapy A physiotherapist is an expert in treating the joints, muscles and tissues of the human body. This field of medicine treats various conditions of the musculoskeletal system and the physical condition of the patient. Knee physiotherapy usually involves educating the patients on how to protect their knees by avoiding direct exposure to sports which could potentially cause damages to the ligaments, muscles and tendons of the knee. The physiotherapist also teaches patients how to strengthen their weak muscles through the use of various equipment that are commonly used in physiotherapy clinics. Australian forces often enlist the services of a physiotherapist for the purpose of treating injuries sustained in the line of duty.

Chiropractic Care This form of treatment is an unconventional form of treatment. It makes use of a set of specialised tools that are primarily used for aligning, adjusting and realigning the spine and all the associated vertebrae. The chiropractor first diagnoses the problem by conducting a thorough examination of the patient’s medical history and then decides on the best course of treatment. The chiropractor might use electrical stimulation and manual techniques to treat the ailment. Knee specialists in Melbourne offer a wide range of treatment modalities such as chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound, hydrotherapy and physical therapy.

Ophthalmic Oncologists In Melbourne, there are many ophthalmic specialists who perform different procedures aimed at relieving eye strain and other associated ailments. These include surgical operations and laser treatments. Eye specialists employ the use of high-tech equipment that are capable of improving eyesight in affected patients. This form of treatment is particularly popular among ageing patients who opt for surgical options.

Chiropractors The benefits of chiropractic treatment are well-known by people who rely on this as an alternative form of health care. However, many do not realise that the techniques used by chiropractors are very similar to those employed by orthopedists. The treatment techniques that chiropractors employ often help improve posture and help reduce the swelling of the knee.

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