Hairline Tattoos Are Safe!


A Hair Tattoo, Scalp Micro-Pigmentation, is an artificial cosmetic hair tattoo which gives the appearance of a straight, natural hairstyle for a thinning hair or lack of scalp density. This technique can also be utilized to hide scars from past hair surgery, burn treatments, or infections from parasites. When applied properly, the wearer’s natural hair color should appear to be blended in with the pattern applied to the scalp. It is generally applied by a professional, as there are many procedures to follow in its application. This technique has been around for decades but has gained popularity since celebrities have begun to use it. Read on for more information on the process.

Hair Tattoo

The process of applying a hair tattoo, Scalp Micro-Pigmentation or Micro-Laser Hair Removal is achieved by using tiny pigment deposits on the patient’s head to create a new hairline. In this process, the follicle root and capillaries at the back of the head are not affected and do not experience any damage. The pigmented areas resemble the original hairline, with the same amount of depth. However, the depth of the pigmented area appears to be a lot more than the actual thickness of the hair.

The Scalp Micro-Pigmentation procedure is commonly being done on women who are experiencing thinning hair or excessive hair loss. For these patients, the new hairline will produce the illusion that the patient has longer hair than she has. A Micro-Pigment Induction System is used during the Scalp Micro-Pigmentation procedure to spread very small color variations across the scalp and give the patient a natural looking long hair. Since the Micro-Pigment Induction System only spreads very small pigment deposits over the head, the procedure will leave minimal and permanent scars.

The Micro-Pigment Induction System is also used in many hair tattoo studios as an additional process to create an illusion of longer hair. It is important to choose a professional tattoo artist to complete the process correctly. Using the wrong technique on a woman’s body can cause permanent damage to her skin.

Women have different needs when it comes to a hair tattoo. Some women simply want a temporary hair tattoo. For these women, the Scalp Micro-Pigment Induction System works great. Using this method, the client will experience instant thickening and fullness of her hair. Others may be dealing with Receding Gums or Hair Loss. For these women, the Scalp Micro-Pigment Induction System will not provide the desired results.

A professional hair tattoo technician will make sure that the pigment used in the tattoo is the color of her choosing. This process is often done by applying a special gel over the color of the skin that the woman desires to have colored. Once this is applied, a technician will inject the gel into the skin where the tattoo will appear. This process will provide a full, natural-looking tattoo.

If a woman is looking for a permanent change, she might want to consider having a real hair tattoo applied. The most common designs for this procedure are flowers. A woman can have her real hair tattooed onto her head in any location she would like. Many women that have had their real hair shaved or coloring their hair to create the image of a thicker, fuller head of hair can achieve an instant change by having this type of tattoo applied.

Whether a woman is considering getting a short hairline tattoo or a longer, more natural looking style, she should find a good studio to work with. There are many options available for the design of a woman chooses and the experience of the tattoo artist should be the most important thing. Working with a studio that does not follow safe procedures, or that using outdated techniques will leave the woman with a tattoo that does not last. A studio that offers a guarantee and a proper education for their technicians is the best way to ensure that the woman getting a hairline tattoo will have a safe, healthy tattoo that looks amazing.

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